Through us, you can get everything you need, from demolition to an installed roof with rainwater systems and roof safety equipment. We do not make roof renovations as quickly as possible; instead, we always aim for a durable and high-quality end result which would best serve the homeowner’s needs.

Roof safety equipment

Object: Private residence, Seinäjoki
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A roof bridge guarantees safe movement on a roof. It is attached to the roof with feet
that can be installed on roofs with up to a 45-degree slope. PRP uses 2.5 mm thick hot dip galvanized steel in all fasteners. Products are available directly from the warehouse, galvanized and painted. The paint surface improves corrosion protection; the colour can be selected from Rautaruukki’s colour chart. The roof bridge fasteners have been tested by VTT, and they meed the requirements of RT 85-10708.

Tin roofs

Object: Private residence, Seinäjoki
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We can supply you with elegant steel roof and wall solutions according to your preferred style, dimensions and colours. We use the best products available, which have passed the required quality and durability tests. This is evident in the 20-year warranty we grant to our products.

Rainwater systems

Contractor: PRP

A rainwater system drains rain and melt water away from the roof. PRP’s rainwater systems are made from steel coated on both sides. The nominal thickness of the coating is 50 μm, which guarantees long durability. The aesthetic durability of the coating is up to 30 years. Choose a rectangular or semi-circular variant according to your style preferences. There are many different colour options available for rainwater systems.

Chimney dampers and caps

Contractor: PRP

Protect your chimney from weather fluctuations and improve the appearance of your building.  A chimney cap will protect against snow and water, improves draft and extends the chimney’s service life. PRP supplies chimney dampers and chimney caps for private houses, apartment buildings as well as public spaces.

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