Movable glass walls, electrochromic glass walls, office glass walls, sound proofing walls, fireproof glass walls

Scanmikael’s glass wall systems have been developed for comprehensive space management with glass. Our products that are suitable for healthcare objects include movable glass walls, electrochromic glass walls, office glass walls, sound proofing walls and fireproof glass walls.

Caps Clinic Australia

Material: movable glass wall
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Rails bent in accordance with the room partitions, combined with the patented latch structure guarantee easy usability, and enables to move even large elements easily. Movable glass walls are available with sound proofing and burglary protection features.

The Association of Finnish Pharmacies

Product: office glass wall
Contractor: Scanmikael

Scanmikael’s office glass walls allow for a peaceful working environment. The system allows for sliding and hinged doors, as well as a variety of locking and access control options. In addition to good sound insulation, the system also benefits from its adaptability and versatile space solutions.

Malmi hospital, Helsinki

Product: curved glass wall
Contractor: Scanmikael

The aluminium profile bending method developed by Scanmikael enables to bend rails and profiles in a natural curve. Curved railings allow for easy portability, and the glass wall as a system supports the shapes of the surrounding structures.

Kouvola nursing home

Product: sound proofing wall
Contractor: Scanmikael Oy

Scanmikael’s wall systems combine sound proofing solutions with versatile space management. A comprehensive range of sound proofing products creates a modern and functional working environment for your company. The surface panels of the walls can be made from timber veneer, laminate, melamine, painted MDF, textile and cork. The sheets can also have acoustic grooving.

Hospital, Poland

Product: fireproof glass wall elements and doors
Contractor: Scanmikael

Scanmikael’s range also includes fireproof glass and fire doors, EI15-EI120. We represent the tested Alufire system, where a modern appearance is combined with frameless glass and a safe product environment.

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