PRODUCTS: Movable glass walls, sound proofing walls, glass balustrades, fireproof glass walls and movable walls

Espero movable and folding walls enable rooms to be multifunctional and have good acoustics. The elements can be serviced and the surface panels can be replaced, if necessary. The product can be fitted with various surface panel options according to the customer’s preferences. You are welcome to use the professional Scanmikael design service for space management.

Restaurant Mestaritalli, Helsinki

Product: Sound proofing wall
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Scanmikael’s wall systems combine sound proofing solutions with versatile space management. A comprehensive range of sound proofing products creates a modern and functional working environment for your company.

Lak Toke, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Product: Sound proofing wall
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Scanmikael’s wall systems have been designed for long-term and tough use. The materials are durable and easy to service. Partitions allow for a versatile use of the premises.

Staff canteen, Poland

Product: Fireproof glass wall
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Due to its structure, the fireproof glass wall also provides good sound proofing. At this object, the fireproof glass wall has been used for the walls of the staff canteen.

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