The sliding walls and the glass rails of the scanner make it possible to restrict the movement of public spaces in situations where some of the premises are kept closed. Due to the movability of the products, the partitions can be used to create spaces of various sizes, depending on the situation.

Maritime Centre Vellamo, Kotka

Product: Curved movable glass wall
Manufacturer: Scanmikael Oy

The aluminium profile bending method developed by Scanmikael enables to bend rails and profiles in a natural curve. Curved system parts with curved safety glass allow for spectacular, naturally curved facades.

Urjala School

Product: Glass balustrade
Manufacturer: Scanmikael Oy

Scanmikael frameless glass balustrades can be used to replace staircase balustrades without compromising on safety. The product fastening methods have been laboratory-tested and adhere to requirements. The product can be fitted with a stainless steel balustrade or a timber railing.

Music House Fuga, Helsinki

Product: Sliding glass doors
Manufacturer: Scanmikael Oy

The glass product range developed by Scanmikael contains a variety of special options; as the manufacturer, we can customize our products for all objects.

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