Sound proofing walls, fireproof glass walls, glass balustrades

Scanmikael’s movable glass walls can be fitted with seals and acoustic film glass, enabling to achieve a sound proofing value of up to 34 dB Rw, with stationary glass walls reaching RW 28-40 dB. The products have been tested by VTT, and they can be combined with other Scanmikael product groups. This product allows for the multifunctionality of the premises, and is always designed according to the conditions of the space.

Design School, Helsinki

Product: Sound proofing wall
Scanmikael Oy

The Scanmikael Office product range covers even the toughest sound insulation requirements, while maintaining the frameless glass appearance. Single glazing will reach RW 28 dB, and a double-glazed glass wall will reach RW 40 dB in a combination of stationary and sliding doors.

Urjala School

Product: Glass balustrades
Scanmikael Oy

Stylish frameless glass balustrades constitute a spectacular solution for indoor and outdoor use, without any vertical posts. The balustrade profile can be mounted with a base or side fastening. The balustrade is suitable for us as a level or stair balustrade for private and public objects. Test reports available for different mounting methods.

Häme University of Applied Sciences, Espoo

Product: Sound proofing glass walls
Scanmikael Oy

Our movable glass walls designed for office use can be moved to storage in their entirety, or to combine or separate spaces according to need. The systems are available with standard door accessories such as Abloy locking, door pumps and emergency exit buttons.

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