Dione profiles offer versatile options for the finishing touches of every interior. These elegant metal profiles consistute a wide range for many different purposes, from a rough surface to a glossy effect. Dione profiles are manufactured from high-quality materials, and they are available in a wide range of colours for many different environments.

Private residence, Sipoo

Product: cover strip
Manufacturer: DUURI

Cover strips are suitable for joining flooring materials at the same level as well as for finishing an expansion joint. Cover strips can also be used as doorsteps.

Private residence, Helsinki

Product: edge trim
Manufacturer: DUURI

Edge trims are used for joining different flooring materials at different levels.

Private residence, Sipoo

Product: corner protection profile
More information: DUURI

Metal corner protection profiles keep the outer corners of walls neat and protect them against bumps. These profiles have been an essential element particularly in the interior decoration of public spaces for a long time. Nowadays, they are increasingly used to give a trendy finishing touch to private residences.

Private residence, Sipoo

Product: tile trim
More information: DUURI

Tile trims protect the outer edges of tiles while also creating a neat and polished look. Using tile trims also makes tiling easier and quicker.

Audi Center, Vantaa

Product: stair nosings
Manufacturer: DUURI

Stair nosings are perfect for steps and thresholds, protecting them from wear and tear. Stair nosings create a stylish and manicured look while also improving safety.

Shopping centre Mylly, Raisio

Product: curved profile
Manufacturer: DUURI

Curved profiles are manufactured from polished stainless steel or brass suitable for public spaces.


Product: skirting
Manufacturer: DUURI

Aluminium skirtings are durable and lightweight. They are particularly suitable for modern interiors. Dione skirtings are long-lasting and require no maintenance.

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