Duuri Group is a Nordic family enterprise

Duuri Group is a Nordic family enterprise comprising three subsidiaries: Duuri, Pohjanmaan Rakennuspelti Oy (PRP) and Scanmikael.

Our key business areas are:

  • finishing products for construction and interior decoration
  • metal sheet products
  • façade construction
  • flexible space division systems of glass, aluminium and wood.

Duuri Group is a financially stable international business with a very good equity ratio. This allows us to put a strong focus on developing our operations further. Our owners exercise an active and forward looking policy.

The annual group turnover is some 25 million EUR and our goal is profitable and strong, sustainable growth.

In the coming five-year period our focus is in increasing our turnover by e.g.

  • strengthening and broadening our product range on the basis of long and deep knowledge of our markets
  • a service model and continuous improvement that put the customer at the centre.

Medium sized companies are fundamentally important drivers of a successful Finland. We are part of Kasvuryhmä, which is an association of enterprises whose goal it is to accelerate enterprise growth and renewal to promote Finland’s competitiveness and wellbeing.

Bigger than our size

Duuri Group’s bases of operation in Finland, Sweden and Latvia employ some 100 people in design, sales and procurement, production, management and communications. Most of our functions are located in Nothern Europe, but through our active partnerships we provide our services around the globe.

In addition to Finnish sites, Scanmikael space division solutions can be seen for example in the iconic Sydney Opera house and Harrod’s department store in London.

PRP industrial protection solution ProCab can be found at production sites in Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Slovenia, Denmark and Estonia as well as the United Stated, China and India.

Duuri delivers its Dione interior finishing lists, trims and profiles as well as the Duuri Pro -product range for professionals to retailer in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Latvia and Estonia.