Duuri Group – when surfaces matter.

We have gathered under our roof a group of experts whose job it is to ensure that the surfaces of our built environment meet the needs of all users sustainably and always with the highest quality.

We design and produce innovative metal façades and sheet metal products, smart space division solutions and offer Finland’s broadest range of lists and profiles. Our offering includes also products ensuring accessibility and safe tactile guidance.

Duuri Group’s main markets are in Northern Europe. However, our wide network of partners make us a global operator. Duuri Group consists of Duuri Oy, Pohjanmaan Rakennuspelti Oy (PRP) and Scanmikael Oy

Duuri Group’s annual turnover is roughly
25 million €. We employ more than 100 professionals in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

In all our business activities Duuri Group follows an ambitious sustainability and responsibility framework. The framework is based on our shared values and is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 goals.

Duuri Group is a Nordic developer of products for a top-quality and innovative built environment and an experienced partner in construction projects from planning and design to construction and interior design. Our Nordic environment and climate place tough demands on the quality of our buildings both inside and outside. We meet these demands through active product development and close co-operation with architects and designers as well as a keen ear to the needs of the users of our built environment.

– Tomi Erkkilä, CEO, Duuri Group

Finishing with style

Duuri manufactures and procures high-quality products for interior finishing with more than 40 years of experience. Duuri is an international company with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and Latvia.

The Dione range of interior decoration lists and profiles and the Duuri Pro range for construction professionals guarantee the best lists and trims, hatches, accessibility and tactile guidance products for your site whether you are a DIY home improver or a professional of construction and design.

mastering metals

PRP designs and executes sheet metal products to match user needs as well as innovative façades of metal. PRP’s own ProCab is a first-rate modular solution for industrial protection, which reduces noise, heat and dust in industrial production spaces and protects employees.

With strong design, a flexible range of metal working machinery as well as close co-operation with our clients, PRP makes durable products that make an impression.

sharing space

Scanmikael’s wide range of room partition systems are suited to all kinds of needs. Our products can be found in offices, commercial, public and private spaces and health care environments.

Scanmikael offers a selection of movable and folding glass walls, office glass walls, sliding and fixed glass walls, smart glass walls, hospital grade partitions, curved glass walls, glass railings, fireproof glass walls as well as movable and folding walls of laminated veneer.