Responsibility and sustainability

Duuri Group is a Nordic family business. At our core we are about high-quality products made of sustainable materials and continuous, ambitious product development.

Duuri Group is committed to corporate responsibility and activities and management which respect our shared environment. This allows us to provide the accustomed high level of service also in the years and decades to come.

We strive to recognise and minimise the environmental impact of our activities, products and services. We do this by following to the principles of circular economy and by promoting energy efficiency. We are committed to respect environmental law and regulations both at the national and the local level, and to develop our business in a manner that takes the environment into account.

We assess and develop our environmental policy and activities with a view to constant improvement. Our own quality audits help us ensure that we undertake all necessary actions.

Duuri Group and its subsidiaries develop our financial, social and environmental responsibility together. Financial responsibility and a strong financial result give us the best basis for developing our environmental and social responsibility framework even further.

Duuri Group is a member of Green Building Council Finland

We are a member of Finland’s most influential and largest collaboration network focusing on a sustainable built environment.

The goal we share with the other members of the network is to make carbon neutral practices, the circular economy and a sustainable way of life an integral part of all activities in the field of construction and real estate.

Read more about our FIGBC membership here.

Strong finances are the basis of sustainable business

For us at Duuri Group financial responsibility translates into prudent finances, efficient use of resources and the generation of long-term financial benefits to our various stakeholder groups. We want to reach our financial result in a responsible manner so that social and environmental responsibility is built in to all of our activities.

The products we sell, irrespective of their origin, must fulfill the up-to-date environmental and product safety requirements.

We are a responsible corporate citizen and respect law and regulations in all our activities. We pay our taxes and other duties.

Take a closer look at our finances here.

Duuri Group is part of its environment

Our most significant direct environmental impact stems from the electricity and heating of of the locations we use in our activities, emissions from logistics as well as waste generated in production and warehousing. Indirect environmental impact is generated by the manufacture, use and disposal of products and packaging.

In the field of environmental responsibility we are guided by a joint Duuri Group environmental policy. We respect environmental laws and regional and local environmental regulations and continuously improve our activities with a view to the welfare of our environment.

Our environmental goals are based on the essential reduction of our direct environmental impact with the following actions:

  • reduction of waste through recycling and by minimising loss in the products we sell
  • conserving energy in our production, logistics and locations
  • guiding our procurement to environmentally responsible partners
  • improving material efficiency in product development, manufacture and our entire service process, and
  • improving our logistics and personnel mobility by favouring, where feasible, online meetings and public transport.

Duuri Group is currently engaged in a process to determine our carbon footprint. In our calculation we will look at our own carbon footprint as well as that of our suppliers and raw materials, where possible. 

Duuri Group HR management is a continuing, learning process

Duuri Group carries direct responsibility for the well-being of our own personnel, as well as an indirect obligation to ensure the social well-being of people involved in our procuremtn and supply chains.

In line with our values we stress the constant development of our management practices and occupational well-being. Our goal is a happy and motivated staff. Occupational well-being and happiness at work are measured regularly and developed in close collaboration with personnel. The well-being of our personnel is supported by our occupational health care partner.

We look after our people. We prohibit all kinds of discrimination, harassment or offensive behaviour in our job community and recruitment processes. Egalitarian and uniform treatment of all members of personnel is a key value to us. Therefore we foster long-term partnerships with other companies who share our values.

We seek to establish long-term partnerships in our procurement and in doing so we strive to ensure that the occupational conditions of the supplier’s personnel are at the level required by legislation and international labour agreements.

We at Duuri Group always act in the best interest of our clients, personnel and company owners. We allow no private advantage to take precedence over those of Duuri Group, its personnel or clients.

All kinds of briber and corruption are unequivocally prohibited. We never accept or offer gifts that exceed the limit of reasonable hospitality.

Our social responsibility is also realised in that out products are aimed at producing the kind of built environment that is accessible to all, safe, durable and in harmony with its natural environment. Here you can take a look at e.g. the tactile guidance products of Duuri, The space division and railing solutions of Scanmikael and the façades of Pohjanmaan Rakennuspelti.